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Session 1.2 Quick Check
Figure 1-33
Resizing the photo
outline shows you
where the resized
photo wil l fit on
the page
drag pointer until
bottom border is
about h ere
pointer c hanges
to black c ross as
you drag
11. Release the mouse button, and then review the document and make additional
adjustments to the photo, as necessary, until it is about the size of the photo
shown in Figure 1-33, and then click a blank area of the document to deselect
the photo.
12. Save the document, click the File tab, and then click the Close command in the
navigation bar of Backstage view to close the document without closing Word.
The fl yer is complete, and Andrew will print copies of it later. The fl yer is visually
striking, thanks to the text formatting you added and the new photo you inserted and sized.
Session 1.2 Quick Check
1. Describe the default page orientation for Word documents.
2. What is the default font?
3. What is the default font size?
4. Explain how to center-align text.
5. True or False. The type of border Word applies depends on the number of
paragraphs selected in the document and the option you choose on the Border menu.
6. What button do you use to insert a photo in a document?
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