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Review Assignments
Review Assignments
Practice the skills
you learned in
the tutorial using
the same case
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: Extreme.docx, Red Flower.jpg
Andrew asks you to write a letter to a local author, Charles Plaut, inviting him to an
upcoming convention. He also asks you to format a fl yer announcing an author
appearance, and to create an envelope for the fl yer. You’ll create the letter, fl yer, and envelope
by completing the following steps.
1. Open a new blank document and then save the document as Plaut Letter in the
Word1\Review folder provided with your Data Files.
2. Type the date February 11, 2013 using AutoComplete for “February.”
3. Press the Enter key twice, then type the following inside address, using the default
paragraph spacing for now:
Charles Plaut
787 First Street
Albany, NY 12205
4. Press the Enter key twice, then type the letter’s salutation, body, complimentary
closing, and signature line, as shown in Figure 1-34. Accept any relevant AutoCorrect
suggestions. Use the default paragraph spacing; do not insert any extra blank
paragraphs. Type your initials below the Enclosure line, instead of the initials you see in
Figure 1-34.
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