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10. Create a new, blank document, and then add an envelope to the document. Use
Charles Plaut’s address (from Step 3) as the delivery address. Use your address as
the return address. If you are asked if you want to save the return address as the new
return address, click No.
11. Save the document as Plaut Envelope in the Word1\Review folder provided with
your Data Files.
12. Save your changes and close the document.
13. Open the fi le Extreme located in the Word1\Review folder included with your Data
Files, and then check your screen to make sure your settings match those in the
14. Save the document as Extreme Flyer in the same folder.
15. Correct any misspelled words marked by wavy red lines. Also, remove any red wavy
underlines below words that are spelled correctly. (You can assume the author’s
name and “Thaler Hall” are spelled correctly.)
16. Change the Zoom level to One Page, and then change the page orientation to
Landscape and the margins to Narrow.
17. Change the Zoom level to Page Width, and then format the document text in
22-point Times New Roman font.
18. Select the second paragraph, which contains the topic title, and format it in 28-point
Arial Black.
19. Format the topic title with the text effect Gradient Fill – Black, Outline – White,
Outer Shadow.
20. Italicize the author’s name (Joseph Rudin) and then format it in the Blue font color,
located in the Standard Colors section of the Font Color gallery.
21. Use the Format Painter to copy the blue font and italics to the third paragraph, which
contains the time and date.
22. Select the entire document, and then center align the text and photo.
23. Add a single outside border surrounding the four paragraphs of text, and then add
pale green shading to the four paragraphs, using the Olive Green, Accent 3, Lighter
40% color located in the Theme Colors section of the Shading gallery.
24. Delete the photo of the pink fl ower with green leaves and replace it with the
Red Flower.jpg photo, located in the Word1\Review folder included with your
Data Files.
25. Resize the photo so that it fi lls as much of the page as possible, without adding a
second page to the document.
26. Save your changes to the fl yer, preview and print it, and then close it.
If you have a SAM 2010 user profile, your instructor may have assigned an
autogradable version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at to download the instructions and start files.
Case Problem 1
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Wingra Family Practice Clinic You are a nurse at Wingra Family Practice Clinic. You
have organized a lunchtime lecture series for the clinic staff in which regional medical
professionals will discuss topics related to pediatric health care. You have hired your fi rst
speaker and need to write a letter confi rming your agreement and asking a few
questions. Create the letter by completing the following steps. As you type the document,
accept the default paragraph spacing until you are asked to change them. Because the
clinic is currently out of letterhead, you will start the letter by typing a return address.
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