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Case Problems
1. Open a new blank document and then save the document as Wingra Letter in the
Word1\Case1 folder provided with your Data Files.
2. Type your name, press the Enter key, and then type the following return address:
Wingra Family Practice Clinic
2278 Norwood Place
Middleton, WI 52247
3. Press the Enter key twice, and then type September 5, 2013 as the date.
4. Press the Enter key twice, and then type this inside address:
Dr. Maria Sundquist
Prairie Land Medical Center
4643 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Madison, WI 53788
5. Press the Enter key twice, type the salutation Dear Dr. Sundquist: (don’t forget the
colon), and then press the Enter key once.
6. Type the following paragraph: T hank you so much for agreeing to lecture about
early childhood vaccinations on Friday, October 4. Before I can publicize your
talk, I need some information. Please call by Tuesday with your answers to these
7. Press the Enter key, and then type the following questions as separate paragraphs,
using the default paragraph spacing:
Which vaccines will you cover in detail?
Will you discuss common immune responses to vaccine antigens?
Will you provide handouts with suggested vaccination schedules?
8. Move the insertion point to the beginning of the third question (which begins “Will
you provide...”). Insert a new paragraph, and add the following as the new third
question in the list: Would you be willing to take questions from the audience?
9. Insert a new paragraph after the last question, and then type the complimentary
closing Sincerely, (including the comma).
10. Press the Enter key twice to leave room for your signature, and then type your full
name. Press the Enter key and type Wingra Family Practice Clinic .
11. Correct any spelling errors indicated by red wavy lines. Because “Wingra” is spelled
correctly, use the shortcut menu to remove the wavy red underline under the word
“Wingra” and prevent Word from marking the word as a misspelling. Do the same
for “Sundquist.”
12. Select the four paragraphs containing the questions and italicize them.
13. Select the fi rst three lines of the return address and remove the paragraph
spacing. Do the same for the fi rst three paragraphs of the inside address and the
signature line.
14. Select the four paragraphs containing the return address, and then center them,
format them in 16-point Times New Roman, and apply the Dark Blue font color.
15. Save the document, preview and print it, and then close it.
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