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Case Problem 4
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Gladstone Engineering As the offi ce manager for Gladstone Engineering, you are
responsible for faxing technical drawings to clients. Along with each set of drawings, you
need to include a coversheet that explains what you are faxing, lists the total number of
pages, and provides the name and cell phone number of the engineer who created the
drawings. The fastest way to create a professional-looking coversheet is to use a template.
When you open a template, you actually open a new document containing the
formatting and text stored in the template, leaving the original template untouched. To create
the fax coversheet, complete the following steps.
1. Display the New tab in the Backstage view. Under “Home,” click Sample templates.
2. In the Available Templates pane, scroll down, click Equity Fax, and then click the
Create button. A fax template opens, containing generic text called placeholders that
you replace with your own information. (You should always take care to remove any
placeholders you don’t replace with other text.)
3. Click the text “[Type the recipient name].” The placeholder text appears in a blue
box with blue highlighting. The box containing the highlighted text (with the small
rectangle attached) is called a document control. You can enter text in this document
control just as you enter text in a dialog box.
4. Type Pao Yang , and then press the Tab key twice. A document control is now
visible to the right of the word “From.” If you see a name other than your own selected
here, press the Delete key to delete the name.
5. If necessary, type your fi rst and last name in the document control, and then press
the Tab key to highlight the placeholder text “[Type the recipient fax number].”
6. Type (555) 555-5555 , and then continue using the Tab key as necessary to enter as 6
the number of pages and (333) 333-3333 as the phone number. If you press the Tab
key too many times and skip past a document control, you can click the document
control to select it.
7. Use the Tab key to select the placeholder text “[Pick the date],” click the list arrow
on the document control, click the right-facing arrow above the calendar as
necessary until you see the calendar for January 2013, and then click 10 in the calendar.
The date 1.10.2013 appears in the Date document control.
8. Use the Tab key to select the placeholder text in the “Re:” section, and then press the
Delete key to delete the placeholder text. Delete the “CC:” placeholder text as well.
9. Click the box to the left of “Please Reply,” and then type an uppercase X.
10. Click the placeholder text “[Type comments],” and then type the following message:
Here are the latest drawings by Krista Richardson. Please review them and then
call Krista on her cell phone to discuss the next phase of the project. Thank you
very much .
11. Save the coversheet as Yang Fax in the Word1\Case4 folder provided with your
Data Files.
12. Zoom the document out until you can see the entire page on the screen. When you
are fi nished reviewing the document, zoom the document until it returns to its
original zoom setting.
13. Review the coversheet and correct any errors. Save the coversheet again, preview it,
and then print it.
14. Close the document.
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