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Revising a Document
Figure 2-1
Draft of handout with Natalie’s edits (page 2)
format as a
numbered list
format heading with
a heading style
You’ll start revising Natalie’s document by opening and saving it with a new name.
To open, rename, and review the document:
1. Open the document named Interior located in the Word2\Tutorial folder
provided with your Data Files.
2. Save the document as Interior Design in the same location.
3. Verify that the document is displayed in Print Layout view and that the rulers
and nonprinting characters are displayed. Make sure the Zoom level is set to
Page Width .
4. Read the document. It includes a title, at the top, and headings (such as “Ask
Yourself Some Questions” and “Pick a Style”) that divide the document into parts.
Right now the headings are hard to spot because they don’t look any different
from the surrounding text; Natalie used the default font size, 11-point, and the
default font, Calibri (Body), for all the text in the document. Note, too, that the
document includes some short paragraphs that would work better as bulleted or
numbered lists. Word has also identified potential spelling and grammar errors
that you will correct after you have made Natalie’s revisions.
5. Scroll down until you can see the first line on page 2, “combine styles within your
house…” as shown in Figure 2-2. The gray space below the first page’s bottom
margin indicates a page break. Word starts a new page automatically whenever
your text fills up a page.
To reduce the gray space
between pages to a gray
line, double-click the gray
space. To redisplay the
gray space, double-click
the gray line.
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