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Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
To apply bullets to paragraphs:
1. Scroll up until you see the paragraphs containing questions on page 1, the first of
which begins “What was the color scheme?,” then select this paragraph and the
three that follow it.
2. In the Paragraph group, click the Bullets button . Black circles appear as
bullets before each item in the list. Also, the bulleted list is indented and the
paragraph spacing between the items is reduced. After reviewing the default, circular
bullet style in the document, Natalie decides she would prefer square bullets.
The Bullets button is a
toggle button. To remove
bullets from selected text,
click the Bullets button.
3. In the Paragraph group, click the Bullets button arrow . A gallery of bullet
styles opens. The Recently Used Bullets section is shown at the top of the gallery
of bullet styles; it displays the bullet styles that have been used since you started
Word. You’ll probably see just the round black bullet style, which was applied
by default when you clicked the Bullets button. However, if you had used several
different bullet styles, you would see them here. The Bullet Library , which offers
a variety of bullet styles, is shown below the Recently Used Bullets. Natalie prefers
the black square style. See Figure 2-3.
Figure 2-3
Bullets gallery
click to appl y the
most recently
used bullet style
one bullet style
used since yo u
started Word
click to open Bullets gallery
bullet styles in
the Bullet Library
default bullet
style currently
applied to list
you’ll use this style
4. Move the mouse pointer over the bullet styles in the Bullet Library to see a Live
Preview of the bullet styles in the document.
5. Click the black square in the Bullet Library. The round bullets are replaced with
square bullets.
Next, you need to format the list of decorating styles on page 1 with square bullets.
When you fi rst start Word, the Bullets button applies the round bullets you saw earlier.
But after you select a new bullet style, the Bullets button applies the last bullet style you
used. So, to add square bullets to the decorating styles list, you just have to select the list
and click the Bullets button.
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