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Moving Text in a Document
To add bullets to the list of decorating styles:
1. Scroll down and select the paragraphs listing the four basic decorating styles
Formal , Traditional , Eclectic , Contemporary ) near the bottom of page 1. (
2. In the Paragraph group, click the Bullets button
. The list is now formatted
with square black bullets.
Next you will format the paragraphs listing suggested purchases on page 2. Natalie
wants you to format this information as a numbered list because it specifi es purchases in
a sequential order.
To apply numbers to the list of suggested purchases:
1. Scroll down to page 2 until you see the paragraph “Rugs or other floor coverings”
and then select that paragraph and the three that follow it, the last one being
“Large items such as sofas, beds, and dining tables.”
The Numbering button
is a toggle button, which
means you can click it to
turn numbering on or off.
To remove numbers from
selected text, click the
Numbering button.
2. In the Paragraph group, click the Numbering button . Consecutive numbers
appear in front of each item in the list, with a period after each number. See
Figure 2-4.
Figure 2-4
Numbered List
click the Numbering
button arrow to
display a galler y of
numbering styles
default numbering
style applied to
selected paragraphs
3. Click anywhere in the document to deselect the numbered list and save the
Just as with the Bullets button arrow, you can click the Numbering button arrow and
then select from a gallery of numbering styles. For example, you could choose a style with
Roman numerals or letters instead of the Arabic letters applied to the list in Figure 2-4.
Moving Text in a Document
One of the most useful features of a word-processing program is the ability to move
text easily. For example, Natalie wants to reorder the information in four paragraphs on
page 2. You could reorder the paragraphs by deleting a paragraph item and then
retyping it at a new location, but it’s easier to select and then move the text. Word provides
several ways to move text: drag and drop, cut and paste, and copy and paste.
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