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Dragging and Dropping Text
Dragging and Dropping Text
To move text with drag and drop , you select the text you want to move, press and hold
the mouse button while you drag the selected text to a new location, and then release
the mouse button.
In the numbered list you just created, Natalie wants you to move the paragraph that
reads “Rugs and other fl oor coverings” down, so it is the third item in the list. You’ll use
the drag-and-drop method to drag this paragraph to the beginning of the fourth
paragraph in the list. The fourth paragraph will then move down, making room for the new
third paragraph. In the process, you’ll see the advantage of using a numbered list, which
automatically adjusts the numbering.
To move text using drag and drop:
1. Select the first paragraph in the numbered list, Rugs and other floor coverings ,
being sure to include the paragraph marker at the end. The number “1” remains
unselected, because it’s not actually part of the paragraph text.
2. Position the pointer over the selected text. The pointer changes to a left-facing
3. Press and hold the mouse button until the drag-and-drop pointer appears. Note
that a dotted insertion point appears within the selected text. (You may have to
move the mouse pointer slightly left or right to see the drag-and-drop pointer or
the dotted insertion point.)
4. Without releasing the mouse button, drag the selected text down until the dotted
insertion point is positioned to the left of the “L” in “Large items such as…” in the
fourth item of the list. Make sure you use the dotted insertion point, rather than
the mouse pointer, to guide the text to its new location. The dotted insertion point
indicates exactly where the text will appear when you release the mouse button.
See Figure 2-5.
Trouble? If the numbers in the numbered list appear highlighted in gray, you
moved the mouse pointer too close to the numbers. Ignore the highlighting,
and position the dotted insertion point just to the left of the “L” in Large items
such as….”
Figure 2-5
Moving text with drag-and-drop pointer
dotted insertion
point shows
where the
selected text wi ll
be inserted
sel ected text to
be moved
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