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Cutting or Copying and Pasting Text using the Clipboard
5. Release the mouse button, and then click a blank area of the document to
deselect the text. As shown in Figure 2-6, the text is moved to its new location,
numbered as paragraph 3, and the preceding paragraphs have been renumbered as
paragraphs 1 and 2. The Paste Options button appears near the newly inserted
text, providing access to more advanced options related to pasting text. You don’t
need to use the Paste Options button right now; it will disappear when you start
performing another task.
Figure 2-6
Text in new location
renumbered as
paragraphs 1 and 2
Paste Options button
text in its new
location is now
paragraph number 3
Trouble? If the selected text moves to the wrong location, click the Undo button
on the Quick Access Toolbar, and then repeat Steps 2 through 5.
6. Save the document.
Dragging and dropping works well when you are moving text a short distance. When
you are moving text from one page to another, it’s easier to cut, copy, and paste text
using the Clipboard.
Cutting or Copying and Pasting Text using the Clipboard
The Clipboard is a temporary storage area on your computer that holds objects such as
text or graphics until you need them. To cut means to remove something from a
document and place it on the Clipboard. Once you’ve cut something, you can paste it
somewhere else. To copy means to copy a selected item to the Clipboard, leaving the item in
its original location. To paste means to insert a copy of whatever is on the Clipboard into
the document; it gets pasted at the insertion point. The buttons for cutting, copying, and
pasting are located in the Clipboard group on the Home tab.
To preview the copied or cut material in a new location before you actually paste it,
you can click the Paste button arrow, and then move the mouse pointer over the Paste
Options icons on the Paste menu. The icons you see on the Paste menu depend on what
you have copied to the Clipboard. When pasting text, the icons that you’ll use most often
are Keep Source Formatting and Keep Text Only. You can see the effects of these buttons
by resting the mouse pointer over the icon to see a Live Preview of the pasted text. To
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