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Cutting or Copying and Pasting Text using the Clipboard
5. In the Clipboard group, click the Paste button. The sentence appears in its new
location. The Paste Options button appears near the newly inserted sentence, as
shown in Figure 2-7.
Trouble? If a menu opens below the Paste button, you clicked the Paste button
arrow instead of the Paste button. Press the Esc key to close the menu, and then
repeat Step 5, taking care not to click the arrow below the Paste button.
Trouble? If a wavy red underline appears below the text “style.For,” you did not
select the space after the sentence in Step 4. Press the spacebar to insert a space
after the newly inserted sentence.
Figure 2-7
Sentence pasted in new location
Word inserts a
space after t he
sentence here
Paste Options button
newly insert ed
Natalie mentions that she’ll be using two sentences from the Interior Design
document as the basis for another assignment in her Interior Design class. She asks you
to copy that information and paste it into a new document. You can do this using the
Clipboard task pane.
To copy and paste text into a new document:
1. In the Clipboard group, click the Dialog Box Launcher . The Clipboard task pane
opens on the left side of the document window, as shown in Figure 2-8. The
document zooms out so that you can still see the full width of the page, even though
the Clipboard task pane is open. Notice the Clipboard contains the sentence you
copied to the Clipboard in the last set of steps, although you can only see the
first part of the sentence. You can delete this because you do not need to paste it
again elsewhere in the document.
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