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Cutting or Copying and Pasting Text using the Clipboard
Figure 2-8
Clipboard task pane
deletes the contents
of the Clipboard
Dialog Box
Launcher opens
the Clipboard
task pane
Clipboard task pane
item just copied
to the Clipboard
2. Click the Clear All button in the task pane. The current contents of the Clipboard
are deleted, and you see the following message on the Clipboard task pane:
“Clipboard empty. Copy or cut to collect items.”
3. In the paragraph above the numbered list, press and hold the Ctrl key and then
click anywhere in the sentence For most people, decorating a home involves a
series of purchases and improvements over time. The sentence and the space
following it are selected.
4. In the Clipboard group, click the Copy button . Only the first part of the
sentence appears in the Clipboard task pane, but in fact the whole sentence is now
stored on the Clipboard.
You can also copy selected
text by pressing Ctrl+C.
5. Below the heading “Stay True to Your Style” (near the bottom of page 1) select
the sentence But if you are more interested in living in your house than
decorating it, pick a style for a room and stick with it .
6. Click the Copy button
. The sentence appears in the Clipboard task pane, as
shown in Figure 2-9.
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