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Cutting or Copying and Pasting Text using the Clipboard
Figure 2-9
Items in the Clipboard task pane
closes the C lipboard
task pane
text you copied second
text you copi ed first
Now you can use the Clipboard task pane to insert the copied text into a new
To insert the copied text into a new document:
1. Click the File tab to open Backstage view, click the New tab, verify that
Blank document is selected, and then click the Create button. A new, blank
document opens.
2. In the Clipboard task pane, click the first item in the list of copied items, which
begins “ But if you are more interested... ” The text is inserted in the document
and the word “living” retains its italic formatting. However, Natalie decides she
doesn’t want to keep the italics in the newly pasted text. You can remove it by
using the Paste Options button, which is visible just below the newly pasted text.
To select a paste option
before pasting an item,
click the Paste button
arrow in the Clipboard
group on the Home tab,
and then click the paste
option you want.
3. Click the Paste Options button in the document. The Paste Options menu
opens, as shown in Figure 2-10. The Keep Source Formatting button is selected by
default; it tells Word to retain the text’s original formatting when you paste it in
a new location. That’s exactly what happened in this case, when Word pasted the
text with the word “living” italicized. To paste only the text, without the italics,
you can click the Keep Text Only button.
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