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Finding and Replacing Text
Figure 2-10
Paste Options menu
text inserted from
the Clipboard
includ es word
formatted in italics
click the Keep Text
Only button to
remove the italics
from "living"
the Keep Source
Formatting button
selected by default
4. Click the Keep Text Only button . Word removes the italics from “living.” Now
you can paste Natalie’s second item into the document.
5. Press the Enter key to start a new paragraph and then, in the Clipboard task
pane, click the second item, which begins “ For most people ....” The text is
inserted as the second paragraph in the document.
6. Save the document as Purchases in the Word2\Tutorial folder and then close it.
You return to the Interior Design document, where the Clipboard task pane is
still open.
7. Click the Clear All button in the Clipboard task pane. The copied items are
removed from the Clipboard.
8. Click the Close button
on the Clipboard task pane. The Clipboard task
pane closes.
9. Click anywhere in the document to deselect the paragraph, and then save the
Finding and Replacing Text
When working with a longer document, you can waste a lot of time reading through
the text to locate a particular word or phrase. It’s more effi cient to type the item you’re
searching for in the Navigation Pane . Word then highlights every instance of the search
item in the document. At the same time, a list containing each instance of the search
items (known as the search results ) appears in the Navigation Pane. You can click a
search result to go immediately to that location in the document. To open the Navigation
Pane, click the Find button in the Editing group on the Home tab.
You can also fi nd specifi c text using the Find and Replace dialog box , which you can
open by clicking the Replace button in the Editing group on the Home tab. This dialog
box contains three tabs, with the Replace tab displayed by default. The Replace tab
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