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Finding and Replacing Text
To replace “PCC” with “Pembrooke Community College”:
1. Press the Ctrl+Home keys to move the insertion point to the beginning of the
2. In the Editing group on the Home tab, click the Replace button. The Find and
Replace dialog box opens, with the Replace tab on top.
3. Click the More button in the lower-left corner of the dialog box to display
additional search options.
Trouble? If you see a Less button instead of the More button, the additional
options are already displayed.
4. Click the Find what box, type PCC , press the Tab key, and then, in the Replace
with box, type Pembrooke Community College .
5. Click the Match case check box to insert a check. This ensures that Word will
insert the replacement text exactly as you have typed it in the Replace with box.
6. Click the Find whole words only check box to insert a check. Your Find and
Replace dialog box should look like Figure 2-11.
Figure 2-11
Find and Replace dialog box
search text
replacement text
click to locate the
first instance of the
search text
select these options
7. Click the Find Next button. Word highlights the first instance of “PCC” in the
8. Click the Replace button. Word replaces the first instance of “PCC” and then
immediately jumps to the last line of the document, where the second instance of
“PCC” is highlighted.
9. Click the Replace button. Word replaces “PCC” with “Pembrooke Community
College” and then displays a message box telling you that Word has finished
searching the document.
10. Click the OK button to close the message box, and then click the Close button
to close the Find and Replace dialog box.
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