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Finding and Replacing Text
To quickly review the new instances of the full college name in the document, you
can use the Navigation Pane.
To search for “Pembrooke Community College” in the document:
1. In the Editing group on the Home tab, click the Find button. The Navigation
Pane opens on the left side of the Word window. The search text you entered
when you used the Find and Replace dialog box is selected in the box at the top
of the Navigation Pane. Instead of “PCC,” you want to search for “Pembrooke
Community College.”
2. Type Pembrooke Community College . In the Navigation Pane, ”PCC” is
replaced by this new item. A list of search results containing two items appears
in the Navigation Pane. In the document, the first instance of “Pembrooke
Community College” is highlighted in yellow, as shown in Figure 2-12. To see the
second instance, you can click the second search result in the Navigation Pane.
Trouble? If the search results don’t appear in the Navigation pane as shown in
Figure 2-12, delete the search text you typed in Step 2, retype the search text,
and then press the Enter key.
Figure 2-12
Navigation Pane with search results for “Pembrooke Community College”
search text
search t ext
highlighted in
click to open the Navigation Pane
search results
3. In the Navigation Pane, click the second search result that begins “a consultation
with Natalie Lanci.” The last line of the document is displayed, with the school
name selected and highlighted in yellow.
4. Click a blank area of the document to deselect “Pembrooke Community College,”
then, in the Navigation Pane, click the Close button . Closing the Navigation
Pane removes the yellow highlighting from “Pembrooke Community College” in
the document.
5. Save the document.
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