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Working with Styles
apply character-level formatting —that is, they are set up to format only a few characters
or words (for example, formatting a book title in italics).
One row of the Quick Styles gallery is always visible on the Home tab. When you
fi rst open a document, the visible row contains the Normal, No Spacing, Heading 1, and
Heading 2 styles. These all apply paragraph-level formatting, so to use one, you place the
insertion point anywhere in the paragraph you want to format, and then click one of the
visible styles. To access more styles, click the More button in the Styles group to display
the entire Quick Styles gallery.
You will use a style to format the Interior Design document’s title, at the top of page 1.
To format a title with a style:
1. Press the Ctrl+Home keys to position the cursor in the first line of the document,
which contains the title “Getting the Look You Want.”
2. In the Styles group on the Home tab, locate the More button in the Styles group,
as shown in Figure 2-14.
Figure 2-14
Locating the More button
More button
visible Q uick Styles
3. Click the More button. The Quick Styles gallery opens, displaying a total of
16 styles.
4. Point to (but don’t click) the Title style , the first style in the second row of the
gallery. The ScreenTip “Title” displays, and a Live Preview of the style appears in the
paragraph containing the insertion point, as shown in Figure 2-15. The Title style
inserts a blue line below the text, changes the font color to blue, and changes the
font to 26-point Cambria.
Figure 2-15
Title style in the Quick Styles gallery
Title style
Live Pr eview of
the Title style
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