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Working with Heading Levels
5. Click the Title style. The style is applied to the paragraph containing the
heading “Getting the Look You Want.” The row of styles visible in the Styles group
on the Home tab now includes the Title style. Next, you need to center the
document title.
6. Click the Center button
in the Paragraph group on the Home tab. The title is
centered in the document.
Next, you will format the document headings.
Working with Heading Levels
You can choose from different levels of heading styles. The highest level, Heading 1, is
used for the major headings in a document and applies the most noticeable formatting,
with a larger font than all the other heading styles. (In heading styles, the highest level has
the lowest number.) The Heading 2 style is used for headings that are subordinate to the
highest level headings; it applies slightly less dramatic formatting than the Heading 1 style.
The Interior Design handout only has one level of headings, so you will apply the
Heading 1 style.
To format text with the Heading 1 style:
1. Click anywhere in the paragraph Ask Yourself Some Questions .
2. In the Styles group, click the More button to open the Quick Styles gallery, and
then click the Heading 1 style. The paragraph is now formatted in blue, 14-point
Cambria, with bold. The Heading 1 style also inserts some paragraph space above
the heading. The gallery row containing the Heading 1 style is now visible in the
Styles group.
3. Scroll down, click in the paragraph containing the text Pick a Style , and then
click the Heading 1 style in the Styles group. The “Pick a Style” heading is
formatted to match the other heading in the document.
4. Scroll down, click in the paragraph Stay True to Your Style at the bottom of
page 1, and then apply the Heading 1 style.
On most computers, you
can press the F4 key to
repeat your most recent
5. Format the paragraphs “The Right Purchase at the Right Time,” and “The Next
Step” with the Heading 1 style, save the document, and then scroll up to review
the document. See Figure 2-16.
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