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Working with Themes
Standard Colors. The Theme Colors are coordinated to look good together, so if you are
going to use multiple colors in a document (perhaps for paragraph shading and font
color), it’s a good idea to stick with the Theme Colors.
When you open a new blank document in Word, the Offi ce theme is applied by
default. The Offi ce theme is currently applied to the Interior Design document you are
working on now, because Natalie has not changed the document’s theme. To change
the document’s theme, click the Themes button, located in the Themes group on the
Page Layout tab, and select the theme you want. The new theme is applied to the entire
document and all the elements within it, with the colors and fonts changing to match the
colors and fonts of the new theme.
When working with themes, you need to be aware of the difference between headings
and body text. Natalie’s document includes the headings “Ask Yourself Some Questions,”
“Pick a Style,” “Stay True to Your Style,” “The Right Purchase at the Right Time,” and “The
Next Step”—which you have now formatted with the Heading1 style. The title of the
document, “Getting the Look You Want,” is now formatted with the title style. Everything
else in the Interior Design document is body text.
In order to ensure that your documents have a harmonious look, each theme assigns
one font or font style for headings and one for body text. In some themes, the same font
is assigned to each use. In the Offi ce theme, the heading font is Cambria, and the body
font is Calibri. These two fonts appear at the top of the Font list, as “Cambria (Headings)”
and “Calibri (Body)” when you click the Font box arrow in the Font group on the Home
tab. When you begin typing text in a new document with the Offi ce theme, the text is by
default formatted as body text with the Calibri font. If you change the document theme,
the theme fonts in the Font list change to match the fonts for the new theme.
Figure 2-17 shows the heading and body fonts for two different themes.
Figure 2-17
Offi ce theme fonts and Newsprint theme fonts
Office Theme
Newprint Theme
Each document theme is designed to convey a specifi c look and feel. The Offi ce
theme is designed to be appropriate for standard business documents. Other themes are
designed to give documents a fl ashier look. Natalie thinks one of these more colorful
themes might be appropriate for the Interior Design document. She asks you to apply the
Opulent theme to it.
To change the document’s theme:
1. Press the Ctrl+Home keys to move the insertion point to the beginning of the
document. With the title and first heading visible, you will more easily be able to
see what happens when you change the document’s theme.
2. Click the Page Layout tab, and then in the Themes group, click the Themes
button. The Themes gallery opens. See Figure 2-18.
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