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Working with Themes
Figure 2-18
Themes gallery
Page Layout tab
Office the me
selected by default
scroll down to display more
themes in the gallery,
including the Opulent theme
3. Move the mouse pointer (without clicking it) over the various themes in the
gallery to see a Live Preview of each theme in the document. The heading and body
fonts, and the heading colors, change to reflect the fonts associated with the
various themes.
4. Scroll down the Themes gallery to see more themes, and then click the Opulent
theme. The text in the Interior Design document changes to the body and
heading fonts of the Opulent theme, with the headings formatted in purple. To see
exactly what the Opulent theme fonts are, you can point to the Theme Fonts
button in the Themes group.
5. Point to the Theme Fonts button in the Themes group. A ScreenTip appears,
listing the currently selected theme (Opulent), the heading font (Trebuchet MS),
and the body font (also Trebuchet MS). These are the same two fonts listed at the
top of the Fonts list on the Home tab. See Figure 2-19.
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