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Session 2.1 Quick Check
Figure 2-19
Fonts for the Opulent theme
Theme Fonts button
ScreenTip for
Theme Fo nts button
lists current theme
and its fonts
body text in
Trebuchet M S font
headings and title
now formatted in
purple Trebuchet
MS font
Trouble? If a menu appears, you clicked the Theme Fonts button instead of
pointing to it. Press the Esc key, and then repeat Step 5.
6. Save your changes and then close the document.
Natalie’s Interior Design paper is ready to be handed in to her instructor. The use of
styles, bulleted and numbered lists, and a new theme give the document a professional
look appropriate for use in an interior design studio handout.
Session 2.1 Quick Check
1. True or False. You should move the insertion point to the beginning of the
document before starting the Spelling and Grammar checker.
2. Explain how to cut and paste text.
3. How can you ensure that Word will insert “ZIP code” instead of “zip code”
when you use the Find and Replace dialog box?
4. What is a style?
5. True or False. All text in a document has a style applied to it.
6. Explain the relationship between a document’s theme and styles.
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