Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.2
An MLA-style
research paper
does not need a
separate title page;
instead, type your
name, your
instructor’s name,
the course number,
and the date in the
upper-left corner of
the fir st page.
An MLA-style
research paper
requires 1-inch
margin s.
Use an easy-to-read
font, such as the
default Calibri, set
to 12 point.
The entire docume nt is
double-spaced, wit h no extra
space between par agraphs.
Center the title, and do not add
any other special formatting
unless your title includes the
title of another work, in which
case you should italicize the
title of the other work.
Indent the first
line of each
except fo r the
The text is
with a ragged
right margin.
Include only one
space between
sentences and
the beginning
of the next.
You in clude citations to tell readers that you are
referring to information from a book, journal, or
some other source. The citation includes the
author's last name and the page number.
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