Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.2
Word inserts a
bibliography, or
works cited list, in
a content control .
You can use the
buttons at the top
of the content
control to make
changes to
material insid e the
content contr ol.
After you create all
the citations, click
the Bibliography
button to create a
list of all the
sources mentioned
in your citations.
This list is k nown as
a bibliography or, in
the MLA st yle, a
works cited list.
In the Style box,
specify the style
of research paper
you are creating.
For college
research papers,
the MLA style is
commonly u sed.
Include your last
name followed by
the page number in
the upper-right
corner of each page
except the fir st.
The References tab
includes options
that help you create
a researc h paper.
The MLA style requires a works
cited list to h ave a centered title
with no special formatting.
In an MLA-style works cited list, entries should have
a hanging indent with the entire list formatted like ,
the rest of the research paper, in the same font type
and size. Paragraphs should have a 2.0 line spacing
with no extra spacing between paragraphs.
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