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Indenting a Paragraph
MLA guidelines in that it is centered, and does not have any special formatting except
for “The Illiad,” which is italicized because it is the title of another work. Likewise, the
headings (“Disasters in Silent Films,” “World War II Cinema,” “The First Modern Disaster
Movies,” and “The Seventies and Beyond”) have no special formatting; but unlike the
title, they are left-aligned. Finally, the body text is left-aligned with a ragged right margin,
and the entire document is formatted in the same font, Calibri, which is easy to read.
Now what needs to be changed in order to make Natalie’s paper consistent with the
MLA style? Currently, the entire document is formatted using the default settings, in the
Normal style for the Offi ce theme. To transform it into an MLA-style research paper, you
need to complete the checklist shown in Figure 2-20.
Figure 2-20
Checklist for formatting a default Word document to match the MLA style
Double-space the entire document.
Remove paragraph spacing from the entire document.
Increase the font size for the entire document to 12 points.
Indent the first line of each body paragraph .5 inch from the left margin.
Add the page number (preceded by your last name) in the upper-right
corner of each page. If you prefer, you can omit this from the first page.
You’ll take care of the first three items in the checklist now.
To begin applying MLA formatting to the document:
1. Press the Ctrl+A keys to select the entire document.
2. In the Paragraph group on the Home tab, click the Line and Spacing
and then click 2.0 .
3. Click the button again, and then click Remove Space After Paragraph . The
entire document is now double-spaced, with no paragraph spacing, and the entire
document is still selected.
4. In the Font group, click the Font Size arrow, and then click . The entire 12
ment is formatted in 12-point font.
5. Click anywhere in the document to deselect the text.
6. In the first paragraph of the document, replace Natalie’s name with your first and
last name, and then save the document.
Now you need to indent the fi rst line of each body paragraph.
Indenting a Paragraph
Word offers a number of options for indenting a paragraph. You can move an entire
paragraph to the right, or you can create specialized indents, such as a hanging indent ,
where all lines except the fi rst line of the paragraph are indented from the left margin. As
you saw in the Session 2.2 Visual Overview, in MLA research papers all the body
paragraphs (that is all the paragraphs except the information in the upper-left corner of the
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