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ESSENTIAL COMPUTER CONCEPTS Learning About the Components of Computer Systems
Essential Computer
Learning About the Components of
Computer Systems
• Compare the types of
• Describe the components of a
computer system
• Examine data representation
and the ASCII code
• Learn about processing
• Defi ne memory and storage
• Describe input and output
peripheral devices
• Identify the hardware and
software that are used for
data communications and to
establish a network connection
• Explain how Internet access,
email, and the World Wide
Web affect the use of computers
• Describe potential security
threats to computers and
protection methods
• Discuss the types of system
software and their functions
• Identify popular application
• Learn about cloud computing
Case | The Farmer’s Wife
Ten years ago, Elizabeth and Scott MacDonald started The Farmer’s
Wife, a fruit and vegetable stand in Oquossoc, Maine. Their
business quickly grew to include fl owers, gourmet foods, home-baked
goods, wines, and seasonal items, including holiday decorations.
Elizabeth and Scott have spent so much time building their business
that they haven’t had time to research and purchase an updated
computer system. They need to buy a computer soon because
several of their suppliers are switching to all electronic ordering
systems. Also, customers who visit the area in the summer have
begun asking if The Farmer’s Wife has a Web site from which they
could order. Elizabeth and Scott ask you to research and
recommend a computer system that fi ts their needs. They want a system
that will grow with their business, but they have a limited budget to
start (approximately $1500). They ask you to help them decide what
to buy.
In this tutorial, you will learn about computers and their
components. You will learn about how data is represented, processed, and
stored. You will examine input and output devices, how information
is transmitted between computers, and ways to secure that
information. Finally, you will learn about system and application software,
and cloud computing.
There are no starting Data Files needed for this tutorial.
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