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Inserting and Modifying Page Numbers
Next you need to insert page numbers.
Inserting and Modifying Page Numbers
When you insert page numbers in a document, you don’t have to type a page number
on each page. Instead, you insert a page number fi eld , which is an instruction that tells
Word to insert a page number on each page, no matter how many pages you
eventually add to the document. Word inserts page number fi elds above the top margin, in the
blank area known as the header , or below the bottom margin, in the area known as the
footer . You can also insert page numbers in the side margins, although for business or
academic documents, it’s customary to place them in the header or footer.
After you insert a page number fi eld, Word switches to Header and Footer view. In
this view, you can add your name or other text next to the page number fi eld, or use
the Header & Footer Tools Design tab to change various settings related to headers and
The MLA style requires a page number preceded by the student’s last name in the
upper-right corner of each page. If you prefer (or if your instructor requests it) you can
leave the page number off the fi rst page. In this case, Natalie would like to omit the page
number from the fi rst page of her research paper. To omit the page number from the fi rst
page of the document, you select the Different First Page check box on the Design tab.
To add page numbers to the research paper:
1. Press the Ctrl+Home keys to move the insertion point to the beginning of the
document, and then click the Insert tab on the Ribbon. The Ribbon changes to
display the Insert options, including options for inserting page numbers.
2. In the Header & Footer group, click the Page Number button to open the Page
Number menu. Here you can choose where you want to position the page
numbers in your document—at the top of the page, the bottom of the page, the side
margins, or at the current location of the insertion point.
To remove page numbers
from a document, click the
Remove Page Numbers
command on the Page
Number menu.
3. Point to Top of Page . A gallery of page number styles opens. You can scroll the
list to review the many styles of page numbers. Because the MLA style calls for a
simple page number in the upper-right corner, you will use the Plain Number 3
style. See Figure 2-23.
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