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Inserting and Modifying Page Numbers
Figure 2-23
Gallery of page number styles
Insert tab
click to open Page
Number menu
point here to open
gallery of styles for
page numbers at
the top of the page
for MLA-style
research paper,
use this style
click to remove
page numbers
from a document
scroll to see all the
page number styles
4. Click the Plain Number 3 style. The Word window switches to Header and Footer
view, with the page number for the first page in the upper-right corner. The page
number has a gray background, indicating that it is actually a page number field
and not simply a number that you typed. The Header & Footer Tools Design tab is
displayed on the Ribbon, giving you access to a variety of formatting options. The
insertion point blinks next to the page number field, ready for you to add text to
the header if you wish. Note that in Header and Footer view, you can only type in
the header or footer areas. The text in the main document area is a lighter shade
of gray, indicating that it currently can’t be edited.
5. Type your last name, press the spacebar , and then, if you see a wavy red line
below your last name, right-click your name and then click Ignore on the Shortcut
menu. See Figure 2-24.
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