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Creating Citations
Figure 2-26
MLA style selected and insertion point positioned for new citation
selected citation and
bibliography style
citation will appear
at the location of
insertion point
6. In the Citations & Bibliography group, click the Insert Citation button and then
click Add New Source . The Create Source dialog box opens, ready for you to add
the information required to create a bibliography entry for Alexander Sobel’s book.
7. If necessary, click the Type of Source arrow and then click Book .
8. In the Author box, type Alexander Sobel .
9. Click in the Title box, and then type Five Essential Silent Films for Modern
Students of Cinema .
10. Click in the Year box, and then type 2005 . This is the year the book was published.
Next, you need to enter the name and location of the publisher.
11. Click in City box, type New York , click in the Publisher box, and then type
Silverton Academy Press . See Figure 2-27.
Figure 2-27
Create Source dialog box with information for fi rst source
12. Click the OK button. Word inserts the parenthetical “(Sobel)” at the end of the
sentence in the document.
Although the citation looks like ordinary text, it is actually contained inside a content
control , a special feature used to display information that is inserted automatically and
that may need to be updated later. You can only see the content control itself when it is
selected. When it is unselected, you simply see the citation. In the next set of steps, you
will select the content control, and then edit the citation to add a page number.
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