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Creating Citations
To edit the citation:
1. Click the citation (Sobel) . The citation appears in a content control that consists of
a box with an arrow button on the right side, and, on the left, a tab with four dots.
The arrow button is called the Citations Options button.
To delete a citation, click
the citation to display the
content control, click the
tab on the left side of the
content control, and then
press the Delete key.
2. Click the Citations Options button . A menu of options related to editing a
citation appears, as shown in Figure 2-28. To edit the information about the source,
you click Edit Source. To change the information that is displayed in the citation
itself, you use the Edit Citation option.
Figure 2-28
Citations Options menu
click the ci tation
to display it in a
document control
to delete a
citation, click this
tab and then press
the Delete key
Options button
click to revise the
information in this
click to revise the
source information
3. On the Citations Options menu, click Edit Citation . The Edit Citation dialog box
opens, as shown in Figure 2-29. The insertion point appears in the Pages box,
where you can add a page number for the citation. If you want to display only the
page number in the citation (which would be necessary if you already mentioned
the author’s name in the same sentence in the text) then you would also select the
Author and Title check boxes in this dialog box.
Figure 2-29
Edit Citations dialog box
type the pag e nu mber
to a citation here
to display only a
page number in a
citation, sele ct these
two check boxes
4. Type , click the OK button, and then click anywhere in the document outside 45
the citation content control. The revised citation now reads (Sobel 45).
Next, you will add two more citations, both for the same journal article.
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