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Creating Citations
To insert two more citations:
1. Move the insertion point to the end of the paragraph containing the Sobel
citation, between the word “pathos” and the period ending the sentence. This
sentence mentions film historian Lee Kinsella; you need to add a citation to one of her
journal articles.
2. In the Citations & Bibliography group, click the Insert Citation button to open
the Insert Citation menu. Notice that Alexander Sobel’s book is now listed as a
source on this menu. You could click Sobel’s book in the menu to add a citation to
it, but right now you need to add a new source.
3. Click Add New Source to open the Create Source dialog box, click the Type of
Source arrow, and then click Journal Article The Create Source dialog box .
plays the boxes, or fields, in which you need to enter information about a journal
article. By default, Word displays text boxes for the information most commonly
included in a bibliography. In this case, you also want to include the volume and
issue numbers for Lee Kinsella’s article, so you need to display more fields.
Notice the information for citing a journal article differs from the information
you entered earlier for the citation to the Sobel book. For journal articles, you are
prompted to enter the page numbers for the entire article. If you want to display
a particular page number in the citation, you can add it later.
4. Click the Show All Bibliography Fields check box to select this option. The
Create Source dialog box expands to allow you to enter more detailed
information. Red asterisks highlight the fields that are recommended, but they don’t
necessarily apply to every source.
5. Enter the following information, scrolling down to display the necessary text boxes:
Author: Lee Kinsella
Title: Love in the Midst of Disaster: A Study of Romance in Modern
Horror Films
Journal Name: Journal of Cinema Studies International
Year: 2008
Pages: 122–145
Volume: 30
Issue: 5
When you are finished, your Create Source dialog box should look like the one
shown in Figure 2-30.
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