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Creating Citations
Figure 2-30
Create Source dialog box with information for journal article
new citation will
appear here
scroll up or down
to displ ay the
more bo xes
select this checkbox
to display more text
boxes, or fields
6. Click the OK button. The Create Source dialog box closes and the citation
“(Kinsella)” is inserted in the text. Because the sentence containing the citation
already includes the author’s name, you will edit the citation to include the page
number and suppress the author’s name.
7. Click the (Kinsella) citation to display the content control, click the Citations
Options button , and then click Edit Citation to open the Edit Citation
dialog box.
8. Type 142 in the Pages box, and then click the Author and Title check boxes to
select them. You need to suppress both the author’s name and title, because
otherwise Word will replace the suppressed author name with the title.
9. Click the OK button to close the Edit Citation dialog box, and then click
anywhere outside the content control to deselect it. The end of the sentence now
reads “…drama and pathos (142).”
10. Use the Navigation Pane to find the sentence that begins “This represents a
completely new…” on the third page, click at the end of the sentence, to the left of
the period after “film,” and then close the Navigation Pane.
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