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Modifying an Existing Source
3. Click Works Cited . Word inserts the bibliography, with two entries, below the
“Works Cited” heading. The bibliography text is formatted in Calibri, the default
font for the Office theme. The “Works Cited” heading is formatted with the
Heading 1 style. To see the content control that contains the bibliography, you
need to select it.
4. Click the bibliography . The bibliography is highlighted in gray, indicating that
it is a field and not regular text. The content control containing the bibliography
is also visible, in the form of a blue border and a blue tab with two buttons. See
Figure 2-33.
Figure 2-33
Bibliography displayed in a content control
content control tab
heading fo matted
in Heading 1 style
content co ntrol
gray highlight
indicates the
is a field
As Natalie looks over the works cited list, she realizes that she mispelled the last name
of one of the authors. You’ll correct the error now, and then update the works cited list.
Modifying an Existing Source
To modify information about a source, you click a citation to that source in the document,
click the Citations Options button on the content control, and then click Edit Source. After
you are fi nished editing the source, Word prompts you to update the master list and the
source information in the current document. In almost all cases, you should click Yes to
ensure that the source information is correct in all places it is stored on your computer.
Managing Sources
When you create a source, Word adds it to a Master List of sources, which is available for
use with any document created using the same user account on that computer. It also
adds each new source to the Current List of sources for that document. Both the Master
List and the Current List are accessible via the Source Manager dialog box, which you
open by clicking the Manage Sources button in the Citations & Bibliography group on the
References tab. Using this dialog box, you can copy sources from the Master List into the
Current List. As you begin to focus on a particular academic field, and turn repeatedly to
important works in your chosen field, you’ll find this ability to reuse sources very helpful.
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