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Updating a Bibliography
To edit a source in the research paper:
1. Scroll up to display the third paragraph on page 3, click the (Kinsella) citation
you entered earlier. The content control appears around the citation.
2. Click the Citations Options button and then click Edit Source . The Edit Source
dialog box opens. Note that Word displays the author’s last name first in the
Author box, just as it would appear in a bibliography.
3. Click the Author box, and edit the last name “Kinsella” by deleting the first “l” to
change the last name to “Kinsela.”
4. Click the OK button. A message dialog box opens asking if you want to update
the master source list and the current document.
5. Click the Yes button, and then click anywhere on the third page to deselect
the citation content control. The revised author name in the citation now reads
6. Scroll up to page 2, locate “Kinsella” in the last sentence of the second paragraph
on the page, and edit “Kinsella” so it reads “Kinsela.”
7. Save the document.
You’ve edited the citation to include the correct spelling of “Kinsela,” but now you
need to update the bibliography to correct the spelling.
Updating a Bibliography
The bibliography does not automatically change to refl ect changes you make to
existing citations or to show new citations. To incorporate the latest information stored in the
citations, you need to update it. To update a bibliography created with a bibliography
style, click the bibliography, and then, in the content control tab, click Update Citations
and Bibliography. To update a bibliography that was created without a style, right-click
the bibliography, and then click Update Field on the Shortcut menu.
To update the bibliography:
1. Scroll down to page 5 and click anywhere in the works cited list to display the
content control.
2. In the content control tab, click Update Citations and Bibliography . The works
cited list is updated, with “Kinsella” changed to “Kinsela” in the first entry.
Natalie still has a fair amount of work to do on her research paper. After she fi nishes
writing it and adding all the citations, she will update the bibliography again to include
all her cited sources. At that point you might think the bibliography would be fi nished,
but in fact a few steps remain to ensure that the works cited list matches the MLA style.
Finalizing an MLA Works Cited List
Figure 2-34 summarizes the steps for adapting a bibliography generated in Word to meet
the MLA style guidelines for a works cited list.
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