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Updating a Bibliography
Figure 2-34
Steps for adapting a Word bibliography to match MLA guidelines for Works Cited list
1. Format the “Works Cited” heading to match the formatting of the rest of the
text in the document.
2. Center the title of the Works Cited list.
3. Change the formatting of the titles in the entries from underlined to italics.
4. For each item in the list that is a print publication, type “Print.” at the end of
the entry. Other types of media require similar notations. To learn more, review
the examples in the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers .
5. Double-space the entire works cited list, including the heading, with no extra
After you convert a
bibliography to static text,
you can no longer update
it to reflect changes to
the document citations.
So don’t convert it until
the bibliography contains
all the necessary source
space after the paragraphs.
6. Change the font size for the entire works cited list to 12 point.
Before you fi nalize Natalie’s works cited list to match the MLA style, you need to
convert it from a fi eld that can be updated automatically to static text —that is, text that can’t
be updated automatically. After that, you can make the changes shown in Figure 2-34.
To convert a bibliography to static text and format it as a MLA style
works cited list:
1. In the tab at the top of the bibliography content control, click the Bibliographies
button , and then click Convert bibliography to static text . The bibliography
appears without the gray highlight, indicating that it is now regular text. The
content control remains, but its buttons no longer have any effect on the static text
2. Click in the Works Cited heading, click the Home tab, and then click the Normal
style in the Styles group. The Works Cited heading is formatted in Calibri body
font like the rest of the document. The MLA style for a works cited list requires
this heading to be centered.
3. In the Paragraph group, click the Center button . Now you will change the
formatting of the publication titles in the entries from underlined to italics, per
the MLA style.
4. In the first entry in the list, select the title Journal of Cinema Studies International ,
click the Underline button
in the Font group to remove the underline, and then
click the Italic button
to add italics.
5. In the second entry, format the title Five Essential Silent Films for Modern
Students of Cinema to remove the underline, and apply italics. Next, you need to
add a notation indicating the form of publication for each source. In both cases,
they are print publications.
6. Click at the end of the Lee Kinsela source, press the spacebar , and then type
Print (including the period). Do the same for the Alexander Sobel source. .
7. Select the entire works cited list, including the “Works Cited” heading, change
the font size to points, change the line spacing to 2.0 , and then remove 12
graph spacing after each of the paragraphs.
8. Click anywhere outside the content control to deselect it, and then review your
work. See Figure 2-35.
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