Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 2.2 Quick Check
Figure 2-35
MLA-style works cited list
heading formatted
like other te xt in
document, and then
journal and b ook titles
formatted in i talics
2.0 line spacing,
with no extra space
between paragraphs
type of publication
9. Save the document and close it.
Natalie’s research paper now meets MLA style guidelines.
Session 2.2 Quick Check
1. List the fi ve tasks you need to perform to make a default Word document match
the MLA style.
2. How do you indent a paragraph .5 inches from the left margin using an option
on the Ribbon?
3. Explain how to remove a page number from the fi rst page of a document.
4. What’s the fi rst step in creating citations and a bibliography?
5. Explain how to create a citation for a new source.
6. Explain how to edit a citation to display only the page number.
7. Explain how to insert a bibliography with a style that includes a preformatted
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