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Review Assignments
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the same case
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: Services.docx, Staff.docx, Comedy.docx
Natalie is working part-time as a publicist for the Department of Design at Pembrooke
Community College. She has created a document describing the professional design
services offered by the instructors and their students. She asks you to help her spell check,
proof, and format the document. Natalie also asks you to create a document listing the
names of the department’s interior designers and decorators. Finally, as part of her fi lm
class, she is working on a research paper on comedy throughout cinema history. She asks
you to help her format the paper according to the MLA style, and to create some
citations and a bibliography. She has inserted the uppercase word “CITATION” wherever she
needs to insert a citation. Complete the following steps:
1. Open the fi le Services located in the Word2\Review folder included with your Data
Files, and save the document as Design Services in the same folder.
2. Replace all instances of “PCC” with “Pembrooke Community College” being sure to
match case.
3. Format the list of three interior designers (Peter Hernandez, Lynn O’Reilly, and Casey
Rikli) as a bulleted list with square bullets. Do the same for the list of three interior
decorators (Ernesto Livorni, Kaila Peterson, and Mai Yang Xiong).
4. Format the list of nine steps in the consultation process as a numbered list, using the
“1), 2), 3)” numbering style. Note that the fi rst paragraph in the list of steps begins
“Schedule a free, forty-fi ve minute consultation” and ends with the second to last
paragraph in the document, which begins “Enjoy your beautiful...”
5. Move paragraph 3 (“Interview potential construction fi rms...”) down to make it
paragraph 4.
6. Use the Spelling and Grammar checker to correct any errors in the document.
Assume that all names in the document are spelled correctly.
7. Proofread the document carefully to check for any additional errors. Look for and
correct two errors in the last two paragraphs of the document that were not reported
when you used the Spelling and Grammar checker.
8. In the last paragraph of the document, replace “Natalie Lanci” with your fi rst and
last name.
9. Format the title “Getting Started With Our Design Staff” using the Title style.
Format the following headings with the Heading 1 style: Interior Designers, Interior
Decorators, and Getting Started Step by Step.
10. Change the theme to the Pushpin theme.
11. Display the Clipboard task pane. Copy the bulleted list of interior designers and
their specialties (starting with Peter Hernandez and ending with Casey Rikli) to the
Clipboard. Also copy the list of interior decorators and their specialties (beginning
with Ernesto Livorni and ending with Mai Yang Xiong) to the Clipboard.
12. Open the fi le Staff located in the Word2\Review folder included with your Data
Files, and save the document as Design Staff in the same folder. In the subtitle, insert
your fi rst and last name after the word “by.”
13. Below the heading “Interior Designers,” paste the list of interior designers, which
begins “Peter Hernandez.” Below the heading “Interior Decorators,” paste the list of
interior decorators, which begins “Ernesto Liviorni.” In each case, start by moving the
insertion point to the blank paragraph below the heading.
14. Clear the contents of the Clipboard task pane, and then close it.
15. Save the Design Staff document and close it.
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