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Case Problems
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autogradable version of this assignment. If so, log into the SAM 2010 Web site at to download the instructions and start files.
Case Problem 1
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Classes.docx
Peach Tree School of the Arts Students at Peach Tree School of the Arts, in Savannah,
Georgia, can choose from a wide range of after-school classes in fi ne arts, music, and
theater. Amanda Reinhardt, the school director, has created a fl yer informing parents of
some additional offerings. It’s your job to format the fl yer to make it professional looking
and easy to read.
1. Open the fi le Classes located in the Word2\Case1 folder included with your Data
Files, and save the fi le as Summer Classes in the same folder.
2. Format the document as shown in Figure 2-36.
Figure 2-36
Edits for Summer Classes handout
Title style
Subtitle style
format class
names using
the Intense
Emphasis style
bulleted list,
square bullets
numbered list,
with the 1), 2),
3) style
replace with
your first and
last name
3. Replace all instances of uppercase “P.M.” with lowercase “p.m.” throughout the
4. Move the third bulleted item (which begins “Jazz Dance...”) up to make it the fi rst
bulleted item in the list.
5. Correct any spelling or grammar errors. Ignore any potential grammar errors
highlighted by the Spelling and Grammar checker that are in fact correct. In particular,
ignore the sentence fragments, which are part of the bulleted list.
6. Proofread for other errors, such as words that are spelled correctly but used
7. Change the theme to the Civic theme, and then review the fonts applied by this theme.
8. Save the document and then close it. Submit the fi nished document to your
instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
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