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Case Problems
16. Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker to correct any errors in the document.
17. Save the Armstrong Paper document and close it. Submit the fi nished document to
your instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
Case Problem 3
Apply the skills
you learned
to create a
l yer about an
Data File needed for this Case Problem: Management.docx
Hamilton Polytechnic Institute Finn Hansen is an associate researcher in the
Department of Entomology at Hamilton Polytechnic Institute. He is working on a
nationwide program that aims to slow the spread of a devastating forest pest, the gypsy moth.
He has created a one-page fl yer that will be used as part of a campaign to inform the
public about current efforts to manage gypsy moths in North America. Format the
document by completing the following steps.
1. Open the fi le Management located in the Word2\Case3 folder included with your
Data Files, and then check your screen to make sure your settings match those in the
2. Save the fi le as Moth Management in the same folder.
3. Format the document as shown in 2-37.
Figure 2-37
Edits for Gypsy Moth Management handout
Title style
Heading 1 style
bulleted list,
round bullets
4. Open the Quick Styles gallery, and then use the Apply Styles command to open the
Apply Styles window. In the second paragraph below the document title, select the
Latin name for the gypsy moth, type Quote in the Style name box in the Apply Styles
window, and then click the Apply button to apply the style to the selected text. Close
the Apply Styles window.
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