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5. Indent the paragraph below the “Eradication” heading .5 inches. Do the same for the
paragraph below the “Suppression” heading, the paragraph below the “Biological
Control” heading, and the last paragraph in the document. ( Hint : To indent the
paragraph above and below the bulleted list, you have to click the Indent Paragraph
button twice.) Select the entire bulleted list and indent it so that the bullets align with
the other indented paragraphs.
6. Use the Navigation Pane to fi nd the text “your name” and replace it with your fi rst
and last name.
7. In the last line of the document, delete the phone number, but not the space before
it, type the email address , and then press the spacebar.
(Note that after you type an email address or a Web address and then press the
spacebar or the Enter key, Word formats the address as a link.) Press and hold the
Ctrl key and then click the email link. Your default email program opens, displaying
a window where you could type an email message to,
if it were in fact an active email address. (If your computer is not set up for email,
close any error messages or wizard dialog boxes that open.) Close the email window
without saving any changes. The email link is now formatted in a color other than
blue, indicating that the link has been clicked.
8. Delete the space after the email address, and then use the Spelling and Grammar
checker to make corrections as needed, and proofread for additional errors. Assume
the Latin name for the gypsy moth, the virus name, and the fungus name are correct.
9. Change the document theme to the Austin theme. Review the new fonts and colors
applied to the various parts of the document, including the email address.
10. Right-click the email address and then click Remove Hyperlink on the Shortcut
menu to format the email address as regular text.
11. Save the document, and then close it. Submit the fi nished document to your
instructor, either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
Case Problem 4
Apply the skills
you learned
to format a
resume and a
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Elena.docx, Goals.docx
Educational Publishing Elena Pelliterri has over a decade of experience in education.
She worked as a writing teacher and then as a college supervisor of student teachers. Now
she would like to pursue a career as a sales representative for a company that publishes
textbooks and other educational materials. She has asked you to edit and format her
resume. She also needs help formatting a document she created for a literacy organization
for which she volunteers. Complete the documents by completing the following steps.
1. Open the fi le Elena located in the Word2\Case4 folder included with your Data
Files, and then save the fi le as Elena Resume in the same folder.
2. Search for the text “your name”, and replace it with your fi rst and last name.
3. Replace all occurrences of “Aroyo” with “Arroyo.”
4. Format the resume as described in Figure 2-38. Use the Format Painter to copy
formatting as necessary.
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