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Figure 2-38
Formatting for Pelliteri Resume
Resume Element
Name “Elena Pelliterri”
Title style
Address, phone number, and email address
Subtitle style
Heading 1 style
Rio Mesa College, Phonix Arizona, College
Supervisor, 2006-2010
Heading 2 style
Middleton Public Schools writing teacher,
Middleton, Arizona, 2000-2006
Lists of teaching experience, educational history,
Bulleted lists with square bullets
computer skills, and volunteer experience.
5. Change the document theme to Executive.
6. Reorder the two items under the “COMPUTER SKILLS” heading so that the item
about Microsoft Offi ce becomes the fi rst in the list.
7. Use the Spelling and Grammar checker to check for spelling errors, but not grammar
errors in the document. Note that this document contains lines that the Spelling and
Grammar checker might consider sentence fragments but that are acceptable in a
8. Open a new, blank document, type some text, and experiment with the Change
Case button in the Font group on the Home tab. Close the document without
saving it, and then change the name “Elena Pelliterri” at the top of the resume to all
9. Save the document.
10. Use Word Help to learn how to save a Word document as a PDF fi le, and then save
Elena’s resume as a PDF fi le in the Word2\Case4 folder as Elena Resume PDF . If
the new PDF fi le opens automatically in Adobe Acrobat, review it in Adobe Acrobat
and then close it. If it does not open automatically, open the Word2\Case3 folder
in Windows Explorer, and then double-click the Elena Resume PDF fi le to open it
in Adobe Acrobat. Review the fi le, close Adobe Acrobat, and then close the Elena
Resume document.
11. Open the fi le Goals located in the Word2\Case4 folder included with your Data
Files, and then save the fi le as Goals List in the same folder. Search for the text “your
name”, and replace it with your fi rst and last name.
12. Select the three paragraphs below your name, and then decrease the indent for the
selected paragraphs so that they align at the left margin. Create a .5 inch hanging
indent for the selected paragraphs instead.
13. Save and close the document. Submit the fi nished documents to your instructor,
either in printed or electronic form, as requested.
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