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Working with Headings in the Navigation Pane
2. Verify that the document is displayed in Print Layout view and that the rulers
and nonprinting characters are displayed. Make sure the Zoom level is set to
Page Width .
3. On the Home tab, in the Editing group, click the Find button . The Navigation
pane opens to the left of the document. You want to view the pages in the
document first.
4. Click the Browse the pages in your document button , which appears below
the Search Document box in the Navigation pane. The two pages of the
document appear as thumbnails in the Navigation pane, with the first page thumbnail
selected and the page itself displayed in the document window. See Figure 3-1.
Figure 3-1
Browsing by pages in the Navigation pane
click to display
thumbnails of the
document pages
click a thumbnail to
display that page
in the document
5. Click the page 2 thumbnail to move to the second page in the document. Now
you want to view the headings in the document.
6. Click the Browse the headings in your document button . An outline of the
document headings is displayed in the Navigation pane, as shown in Figure 3-2.
The orange highlighted heading (“Final Recommendation”) indicates which part of
the document currently contains the insertion point. The Navigation pane treats a
heading and the body text that follows it as a single unit, so in this case, the insertion
point is located somewhere within the heading Final Recommendation or within the
body text that follows it.
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