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What Is a Computer?
What Is a Computer?
Computers are essential tools in almost all kinds of activity in virtually every type of
business. A computer is an electronic device that accepts information and instructions from a
user, manipulates the information according to the instructions, displays the information
in some way, and stores the information for retrieval later. It is a versatile tool with the
potential to perform many different tasks. Computers and prices are constantly changing,
but most of today’s computers are well suited to running a small business.
Decision Making: Why Learn Basic Computer Concepts?
Although it’s not necessary to become an expert in computers before purchasing one, it
is a good idea to familiarize yourself with terminology and gain a basic understanding of
how computers work before you spend your hard-earned money. Understanding what each
component of the system does and what each is capable of helps you to make informed
decisions when purchasing a system that will fulfill your specific needs within your budget.
Types of Computers
Personal computers PCs ) are computers typically used by one person in a home or (
offi ce. A PC is used for general computing tasks such as word processing,
manipulating numbers, working with photographs or graphics, exchanging email, and accessing
the Internet. As shown in Figure 1, a PC is available as a desktop computer, a notebook
computer, a tablet PC, or a Netbook.
Figure 1
Personal computers
In common usage, the
term “PC” refers to
personal computers that
use Microsoft Windows.
Personal computers that
are sold only by Apple,
Inc. are referred to as
Macs (short for Macintosh).
Desktop computer
Laptop computer
Tablet PC
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