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Working with Headings in the Navigation Pane
10. In the Navigation pane, click the Expand arrow next to the “Paying for
the Audit” heading. The Heading 2 and Heading 3 text are again visible in the
Navigation pane.
Now that you are familiar with the report, you need to make a few organizational
changes. Robin wants to promote the Heading 3 text “Repairs and Upgrades” to Heading 2
text. Then she wants to move the “Repairs and Upgrades” heading and its body text so it
precedes the “Probable Expenditures” section.
To use the Navigation pane to reorganize text in the document:
1. In the Navigation pane, right-click the heading Repairs and Upgr… to display
the shortcut menu.
2. Click Promote . The heading, which is no longer abbreviated, moves to the left in
the Navigation pane, so it aligns below the “Probable Expenditures” heading. In
the document window, the text is now formatted with the Heading 2 style, with its
larger, more prominent font.
You can also use Outline
view to display, promote,
and demote headings,
and reorganize a
document. Click the Outline
button on the right side of
the status bar, and then
use the buttons on the
Outlining tab.
3. In the Navigation pane, click and drag the Repairs and Upgrades heading up.
As you drag the heading, a black guideline appears, which you can use to
position the heading in its new location, and the pointer changes to
4. Position the black guideline below the “Paying for the Audit” heading, as in
Figure 3-4.
Figure 3-4
Moving a heading in the Navigation pane
guideline here
5. Release the mouse button. The “Repairs and Upgrades” heading appears in its
new position in the Navigation pane, as the second to last heading in the outline.
The heading and its body text appear in their new location in the document,
before the “Probable Expenditures” heading. See Figure 3-5.
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