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Selecting Part of a Table
The table you’ve just created presents information about expenditures in an easy-to-
read format. You want to format the header row in bold so it stands out from the rest of
the table. To do that, you need to fi rst select the header row in the table.
Selecting Part of a Table
When selecting a part of a table, you need to make sure you select the end-of-cell mark
in a cell or the end-of-row mark at the end of a row. The foolproof way to select part of a
table is to click the Select button on the Table Tools Layout tab and then click the
appropriate command—Select Cell, Select Column, or Select Row. Alternatively, to select an
entire row, you can click in the left margin next to the row. Similarly, you can click just
above a column to select it. After you’ve selected an entire row, column, or cell, you can
drag the mouse to select adjacent rows, columns, or cells.
To select and format the header row:
1. Move the mouse pointer to the left of the top row (which contains the word
“Item”). The pointer changes to a right-facing arrow
2. Click the mouse button. The entire header row, including the end-of-cell mark in
each cell and the end-of-row mark, is selected. See Figure 3-10.
Figure 3-10
Header row selected
end-of-cell marks
are selected
end-of-row mark
is select ed
click here to
select header row
3. Press the Ctrl+B keys to apply bold to the text in the header row.
4. Click anywhere in the table to deselect the header row, and then save the
Now that you have created a very basic table, you can sort the information in it and
improve its appearance.
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