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Session 3.1 Quick Check
The completed table looks crisp and professional. In the next session, you will
complete the rest of the report by organizing information using tab stops, creating footnotes
and endnotes, dividing the document into sections, inserting headers and footers, and
fi nally inserting a cover page.
Session 3.1 Quick Check
1. List three tasks you can perform using the Navigation pane.
2. Explain how to insert a table in a document.
3. Explain how to add a row to the bottom of a table.
4. List two ways to select a row in a table.
5. Explain how to sort a table.
6. True or False. To insert a column, you begin by selecting a column to the left or
right of the location where you want to insert a column.
7. How can you adjust a table style so that the fi rst column in the table is formatted
like all the others?
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