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Setting Tab Stops
Figure 3-21
Starting a new line without starting a new paragraph
indicates manual
line break
insertion point
6. Type Lesley Tiu and then press the Tab key. The insertion point moves to the
first available tab stop, which is another default tab stop, this time located at the
1-inch mark on the horizontal ruler.
7. Type Senior Engineer and then press the Shift+Enter keys to move to the next line.
Notice that Lesley Tiu’s title does not align with Sandra Burdulis’s title on the line
above it. You’ll fix this in a moment, after you type the last name in the list.
8. Type Peter Zaravaggio , press the Tab key, and then type Community Liaison .
See Figure 3-22.
Figure 3-22
List of consultants
titles do
not align
tab alignment
selector (with Left tab
stop marker selected)
The list of names and titles is not aligned properly. You can fi x this by inserting a new
tab stop.
To add a new tab stop to the horizontal ruler:
1. Click anywhere in the paragraph containing the list of consultants and their titles.
Note that the current tab stop alignment style is Left tab.
2. Click the tick mark at the 2.5-inch location on the ruler. Word inserts a Left tab
stop at that location and removes the default tab stops to its left. The column of
titles shifts to the new tab stop. See Figure 3-23.
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