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Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
3. Type For more information, see “A Consumer’s Guide to Energy,” available at This helpful Web site is maintained by
Course Energy Consultants.
When you press the spacebar after the Web address, Word underlines the address
and formats it in a different font color, indicating that it is a live hyperlink, as
shown in Figure 3-25. This means people reading the document can open the Web
site by pressing the Ctrl key and clicking the link. Because Robin plans to
distribute only a hard copy of the report, she asks you to disable the hyperlink.
Different themes format
hyperlinks in different
colors. In the default
Office theme, hyperlinks
are formatted in blue.
Figure 3-25
Footnote containing live hyperlink
live hyperlink
4. Right-click the hyperlink and then on the shortcut menu, click Remove
Hyperlink . The disabled hyperlink is formatted to match the footnote text.
Robin would like you to insert a second footnote.
To insert a second footnote:
1. In the same paragraph, click at the end of the sentence which begins “The cost of
auditing...” to position the insertion point to the right of the period after “less.”
2. In the Footnotes group, click the Insert Footnote button, and then type The cost
of an audit is usually based on a home’s square footage. Because this footnote
is placed earlier in the document than the one you just created, Word inserts a
superscript “1” for this footnote, the other footnote is now numbered “2,” and the
“Final Recommendation” heading and its body text move to the next page. See
Figure 3-26.
Figure 3-26
Inserting a second footnote
new footnote is
number 1
origina l footnote
renumbered to 2
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