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Formatting a Document in Sections
Figure 3-27
Breaks menu
inserts a page break,
like Page Break
button on Insert tab
starts a section on a
new page
starts a section on
the same page,
immediately after
the insertion point
3. Under “Section Breaks,” click Next Page . A section break is inserted, and the
insertion point moves to the top of the new page 4.
4. Scroll up until you can see the double-dotted line and the words “Section Break
(Next Page)” below the table on page 3. This line indicates that a new section
begins on the next page.
To delete a section break,
click the line representing
the break, and then press
the Delete key.
5. Save the document.
You’ve created a new page that is a separate section from the rest of the report. The
sections are numbered consecutively, so that the fi rst part of the document is section 1
and the new page is section 2. Now you can format section 2 in landscape orientation
without affecting the rest of the document.
To format section 2 in landscape orientation:
1. Scroll down if necessary and verify that the insertion point is positioned at the top
of the new page 4, and then click the View tab.
2. In the Zoom group, click the Two Pages button. The last two pages of the
document appear side-by-side.
3. Click the Page Layout tab, click the Orientation button in the Page Setup group,
and then click Landscape . Section 2, which consists solely of page 4, changes
to landscape orientation, as shown in Figure 3-28. Section 1, which consists of
pages 1–3, remains in portrait orientation.
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