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Creating SmartArt
Figure 3-28
Page 4 formatted in landscape orientation
section 2 formatted in
landscape o rientation
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4. Change the zoom level back to Page Width and then save the document.
Page 4 is now formatted in landscape orientation, ready for you to create Robin’s
handout, which will consist of an illustration, or graphic, that explains the stages and
ultimate goal of the energy audit process. You will use Word’s SmartArt feature to create
the graphic.
Creating SmartArt
A SmartArt graphic is a diagram or chart that illustrates concepts that would otherwise
require several paragraphs of explanation. To create a SmartArt graphic, you switch to the
Insert tab and then, in the Illustrations group, click the SmartArt button. This opens the
Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box, where you can select from seven categories of
graphics, including graphics designed to illustrate relationships, processes, and
hierarchies. Within each category, you can then choose from numerous designs. Once inserted
into your document, a SmartArt graphic contains placeholder text that you replace with
your own text. When a SmartArt graphic is selected, the SmartArt Tools Design and
Format tabs appear on the Ribbon.
On page 4 of Robin’s report, you need to create a SmartArt graphic that summarizes
the energy audit process.
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