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Creating SmartArt
To create a SmartArt graphic:
1. Verify that the insertion point is located at the top of page 4, which is blank, and
then click the Insert tab.
2. In the Illustrations group, click the SmartArt button. The Choose a SmartArt
Graphic dialog box opens, listing categories of SmartArt graphics in the left panel.
The middle panel displays the graphics associated with the category selected in the
left panel. The right panel displays a larger image of the graphic that is currently
selected in the middle panel, along with an explanation of the graphic’s purpose.
Currently, All is selected in the left panel.
3. Explore the Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box by selecting categories in the
left panel and viewing the graphics displayed in the middle panel.
4. In the left panel, click Relationship , and then scroll the middle panel and click
the Equation graphic (in the third column from the left, sixth row from the top),
which shows three circles in an equation. In the right panel, you see an
explanation of the Equation graphic, as shown in Figure 3-29.
Figure 3-29
Selecting a SmartArt graphic
selected catego ry
selected graphic
explanation and larger
image of selected graphic
5. Click the OK button. The Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box closes, and the
Equation graphic, with placeholder text, is inserted at the top of page 4. The graphic is
surrounded by a rectangular border, indicating that it is selected. The SmartArt Tools
tabs appear on the Ribbon. To the left or right of the graphic, you might also see the
Text Pane, a small window with a title bar that reads “Type your text here.”
6. If you do not see the Text Pane, click the left-facing arrow on the left side of the
SmartArt Border, as shown in Figure 3-30.
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